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    He is currently the founder of Worxcode, an internationally award winning automation design & software construction company, where together with his team, he is putting together web2.0 for business, integrate office-desktop system with the web, and make everything seamlessly interactive, mobile, tag-based, linked and connected.

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  • Akio Morita
    AkiomoritasonyMagical act in branding & miniaturization. Charistimatic builder of great business with attitude. Sony Walkman, Sony Handycam. "It's a Sony" slogan. Build Sony from scratch, turning the tiny setup into the crown jewel of Asia, and the darling brand of the world.
  • Henry Ford
    HenryfordDedication, tinkering persistence, passion & strong vision to make horseless carriage a reality. "Car for the people". "Assembly manufacturing concept". Years of consistent dedicated act, tinkering and passion. One of the greatest, finest and bravest tinkerer of all time. Modern mobile society as the result.
  • Steve Jobs
    Stevejobsapple Passion for excellence & master of continous magical act. Make things happen greatly with style. Leaders with strong sense of vision and with "no limit" nor "no boundary" for next great cultural possibility to explore. Mac. Next. iPod. iPhone. Apple. Next. Pixar. Think Different. Mix innovation & culture at its best. Modern digital culture is born, and consistently turns greater under his act.
  • Thomas Watson, Sr
    ThomaswatsonsribmThe greatest people manager and most charismatic people-centric business leader of all time. Think. Respect to individual. People first. Under his great leadership turns the tiny IBM into a mighty organization of its time. The "king" in the annal of "business kingdom". A rare business person with great business persona and legendary people-centric attitude of our time.
  • Bill Gates
    BillGatesMicrosoftVision, Strategy, Delivery & Passionately Work With Everybody. Embrace & extend. The best business and technical strategy ever.

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  • Because people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.

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  • Nothing is that impossible, if we want to put our effort and heart to everyday-everytime really try to make it happen.

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      « Apple Soon Launch 9 Sept Event, Google Launch Chrome, And Microsoft's "Greatest Innovation" Is Releasing IE8 & Pooh-Poohing Non Vista Product?? | Main | The New Microsoft Ad Is Really So Bad! »

      September 05, 2008



      Hi, nice to see u again here Pak. I've tried google chrome, haven't seen the difference between chrome and other browsers :-)

      As for the IE, I think that's one of the obstacles to corporate innovation: large organizations can only get excited about something big. As a big company, Microsoft is more likely to be interested in doing more than improving its browser. I dunno...might be. I'm not in a position of defending Microsoft :)

      Anyway, nice blog! Hope to see u again in the future.



      Hi Debby,

      In my experience, the difference won't be that much if you use Chrome to browse internet pages.

      But if you happen to use web-application that have alot of AJAX and JavaScripts, you will probably also feel that page "loading time", "AJAX refreshes" and "scroll-stuff" becomes significantly faster and way way smoother. :-)

      This means: no more jagged scrolls, no more slowly windows, and no more longer loading time (waiting for the Javascript to finish executing).

      With chrome, in my view, perhaps there are 3 aspects that Google improves:

      1. The Javascript processing time. Chrome provides the fastest Javascript processor; and come up with better memory-leak/garbage collector too.

      2. The 1-tab-1-process browser model, hence if one "tab" hang it won't ruin the other application tab.

      3. The integrated Google Gear offline capabilities.

      Chrome is basically built up on the idea to produce the best "application browser" that can run stable online, ready for heavy duty application chore, and would be able to run online and offline.

      These kind of original, relevant (and innovative thinking) are the "things" that I saw increasingly missing from the Redmond (Microsoft) camp.

      My two cents. ;-)

      Look forward to see you and learn from you again in the future yaa.



      Thanks pak, trying to grok all your info, only got little but at least i know they differ somehow. stupid confirmation: it's faster for downloading multimedia, right? I like aspect no. 2 since oftentimes i experienced "hang" stuff with Firefox :-)

      You're exaggerating, it's me who took advantages from you :-) but you'll never know though, sometimes you learn from others' stupidity. Thanks. Keep exploring!


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      The project involves many people with different expertise and extraordinary gifted talents.

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      Chromium implements the same feature set as Chrome, but lacks built-in automatic updates and Google branding,, I think that it is one of the best thing that Google has!!22dd!!

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