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      October 14, 2008


      Blackberry Bold

      what the hell do you think BOLD should be anyway...?

      You are just another stupid f$#^K like to bla bla bla and do shit about it....

      Unfortunately, we have way too many useless people like you in this world...

      get a life...


      Thanks for your comment. :-)

      It's unfortunate that you don't dare to reveal yourself and put your identity as "Blackberry Bold", although from your harsh tone, I am so sure you are not BlackBerry Bold. :-)

      No device is perfect. Everything evolve. No doubt Blackberry Bold is a useful device, although from the design point of view, I would sincerely think it is important for it to be thinner, slimmer, yet more powerful than what BlackBerry Bold today can provide.

      There are many improvements Blackberry Bold needs. The competitive pressure demand major design leap forward. After all the iPhone, G1/Android device is coming. And Blackberry indeed intend to stay relevant, unless it might face difficulties like what (the once great and superb) Palm device and Palm company face today.

      In the near future, we might see better evolution of a BlackBerry device. And I sincerely hope so. It is just my initial impression when touching the device that it is 'ugly' as it feels so much different from the advertising material and stuff that entice me to it in the first place.

      As for now, people who chooses to buy BlackBerry Bold of course can do such, it's a very useful device anyway, no doubt about it, ... although in its truest sense, it is not (yet) the most perfect designed device for the changing era when smartphones become even major, and major competitors start to sprang up.

      In the future we might see better designed Blackberry Bold happening, probably a mix between the 'transitioning' Blackberry Thunder and the 'exiting' Blackberry Bold, or even better. I sincerely hope so, unless, Blackberry might face a starting decline (like the once mighty and great Palm in the past), which I am sure we sincerely don't want it to happen.

      Hopefully next time you would be able to help us understand what you mean through spoken kind words that most of the world population understand :-) That would help us all to understand your view, perspective, and opinion better. :-)

      The blog is open for respectful discussion and different opinion anyway. That's how we learn and grow, from and to each other.

      -arv :-)


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      salam hammed ( Marketing Manager )




      used computers

      According to me its thicker and bulkier than the Blackberry curve, the keyboard is sticky, the pointer is still as uncomfortable as before, and the software innovation is nice.

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